2nd post from Xanga site XD

Friday, 03 September 2010

College Life…o0

Ok, so…I haven’t done this kind of thing in SUCH a long time. X.x I wanted to just dig up one of my old blogs and continue from there, but I realized that I completely forgot the usernames and passwords haha. SO, TADA, a brand new page where I can just rant on and on and on…=.=; Okay, you get my point. The topic of this post: COLLEGE LIFE. For me, at least XD

Let’s see…so far, I’ve made minimal friends, no asian ones (yet) and have poured my heart into homework, studying, and facebook *little guilty*. I want to keep up with everyone though, you know? I have 17 credit hours to complete this first semester. The homework load isn’t too bad? I haven’t officially gotten lost yet on campus! Go me~ I switched from Japanese 101 to Chinese 101 after a week. (I’m NOT a quitter!!! I need to improve my mandarin skills greatly)The rest of the classes remain the same. But now I have a night class T.T I have more time in between to eat and get fatttt now haha lol jk. I need to do a better job of pacing my eating habit. My appetite has decreased since I got onto campus…But I’m afraid of the freshman 15 pwahaa.I CANNOT imagine myself gaining  fifteen pounds…>.<

I don’t think I’ve ever walked so much within a day until now. I intake MUCH more water. Good thing there’s a nice cold water fountain down the hall from my dorm room (btw no AC T.T). I’ve put up pictures of my dorm room on facebook. The bathrooms are…eh…well, at least theyre better than band camp was (I suffered those conditions for 4 years worth of marching band lol). I can’t say I miss home too much at the moment. I is constantly busy :/ *looks at time* I have math class in a bit…I should start heading out over to the building…laterz ^o^~


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