3rd post from Xanga site =.=;

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Wǒ bù xǐhuan kǎoshì >:P

Yeah…so this first month of school has been pretty good. I haven’t been stressing over classes too much. The exams are not bad…and I love how we get to get up and leave after we finish it! 😀 In high school, I had to sit there and just wait….forever. lol. Oh! Another difference: I have to walk SO much more now its not even funny. Actually, this past weekend, I walked a total of at least 12 miles!!!! X.x Yes, I got “lost” and that added to the pain…not to mention I had blisters on my feet after each excursion. I could have  totally ridden a bus or something but I was too lazy to look up routes and stuff haha. silly Lots of funny happenings on campus every day. ^o^ And its gotten a bit cooler outside since I arrived on campus…which is a GOOD thing. 😀 2 out of 3 fans in the room are still going 24-7 lol. My desk has gotten messy, and I haven’t had the time or patience to clear it… I’ve had at least one exam in every one of my classes now, except the college orientation class and math, which I shall have to take tomorrow. EWWW math. So un-asian, I know, but hey, I’m different than the typical stereo-typed Asian math & science genius. I miss those creative projects from high school, you know, the kinds that require drawing/painting etc. on poster boards and such :3. Now its SO boring. Papers, homework, exams. That’s pretty much it. My classes aren’t very creative at giving assignments…o0. Mergh….I’m tired. Will rest now. Laterz~


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