Freakish change in weather…and whatnot

New blog. New beginning. Same old college courses. Still barely a freshman. This is so exciting =.=….Anyway… The weather today was completely a 180 turn-over from last week. From summer hotness to fall/winter coldness, I DO NOT like it when that happens!!! Its bad for my health: I tend to get sick/symptoms of illness when there are such random speedy changes like this. But then again…this is a norm for the state I live in. Umbrellas on campus don’t really work perfectly unless its just raining… WITHOUT wind. But, sadly, there has always been both at the same time so far. Just today, I had to change the angle and direction my umbrella was facing so many times X.x because the wind was threatening to turn it inside-out. On a related note, the storm and rain estimates for other states have been kinda worrying me, as I was watching the weather news last night. O.O

I am freaking out about assignments although I have pretty much no reason to be. I need to chilllll. *breathe in, breathe out* Free answer question: Any interesting school stories so far? I’ve told a few of mine already lol~

its job done for the day!

5 thoughts on “Freakish change in weather…and whatnot

  1. hey hey
    your little sis checking in~~~~
    jie, welcome to falllll~
    that’s one thing i absolutely HATE about fall
    then again, here in asia . . . well . . . uhm . . . this is actually normal
    dude, that’s one thing you’d hate about living in taiwan
    when it feels like it, it can rain every day for weeks at a time
    happened fall/winter 2009. SOOOOOOO uncool~
    and here, it’s either HOT and HUMID . . . or FREEZING COLD and HUMID
    = =

    love you, jie~~~~
    hope to see more awesome posts about SCHOOOOOOOOOOL~~~~~~~
    and any other random stuff that happens to be happening
    love ya~

  2. Heheh greetings from down under (aka. Australia) xD talking about weather… it’s getting all of a sudden really hot here now… even though it’s only just spring….

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