Being cold makes me hungry… >:3

The title is pretty self-explanatory. 🙂 And the kind of weather over here right now is NOT helping. My hands are constantly freezing (even as I am typing this entry) and I’m pulling out snack foods from left and right, stuffing food into my mouth. At this rate, I WILL be gaining the Freshman 15!!! Nuuuuu! >.< *shoves food away* I need to exercise self-control. But, seriously, I eat like a complete PIG when I’m cold. For example, the 4 years of marching band I did at my high school (btw, never doing mb again, sorry!), when the season got cold, I would ALWAYS eat myself silly at the competitions…especially at night X.x. The case now is that it’s cold EVERYWHERE…..including my dorm room. I had to pull out my comforter last night and buried myself in it the whole night! The classroom buildings, on the other hand, are WARM. :O Too bad I only have 2 classes today, one which I’ve already been to:  American Gov’t! It’s a pretty chill class. We learn about current political events…and right now, the economy and how it is failing…duh duh DUUMMMMM! >:P

Later today, I shall go to Chinese class (exam tomorrow X.x). I’ve decided to not continue in any languages after this semester…I will take linguistics instead because it’s more profitable towards my major :3.

I really want to study abroad :D. If I can get scholarships, I want to go to Asia….preferably Hong Kong or South Korea (haha). A semester would be nice…next year? Or maybe Junior year. *shrug* I have time to think about it. Plus, I need to keep my GPA up if I even want to be considered as an applicant XD.

That’s all I have for now. Laterz!~

Cold hands..typing
My hands....are COLD!!!! >.<

16 thoughts on “Being cold makes me hungry… >:3

  1. Study abroad? Cool! I’d wanna go to England myself… but South Korea wouldn’t be bad. 🙂 Both places have really rich histories. I’d just wanna go for the history… lol.

  2. cooooooooool~
    but, then again
    i think going to america is “abroad” for me, already

    heyyyyyy, jessica, if you come to asia
    you MUST visit me
    or else i WILL kidnap you~~
    consider yourself warned

    and i TOTALLY agreeeeeee~
    being cold makes me SOOOOO hungry
    but, then again
    so does stress
    uwah~ i need to lose some major weight now
    *sob sob*

  3. ‘sup dawg? I know how you feel, it’s super cold in my dorm too. and it sucks ’cause it gets really hot when the windows are closed…you should get a Snuggie n.n they are excellent haha, I used one all winter last year and I have it here for this winter too!

      1. lol
        i want a snuggie
        but i kinda wanna just knit one
        then again, i have no TIME to knit these days
        junior year is KILLING me like that
        i’m having withdrawal symptoms~!!!!!

  4. Silly Lancelot…
    It’s hot year round here so 😛
    …nice gloves though. FINGERLESS+STRIPES=WIN.
    If you do go to Korea visit us, ya?
    Better yet, take me with you~~~
    I HAVE CONNECTIONS, if that’ll persuade you ;D
    Seriously though, I have MANY connections in SK.

    With (much) love,
    –King Arthur

    1. What do you mean by “connections”? lol XD
      But yeah, sure, I’ll take you along if I go haha.
      Speaking of fingerless gloves…its getting harder to find those over here…They usually come with mitten flaps o0.

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