Hello Repackage~SHINee :D

Video credits go to jenningyo

All 5 of them showing such brotherly love towards each other lol~

SHINee is doing quite well at promotions, don’t you think?

1. Hello

2. Get It

3.하나 (One)

~~~~~~~MY FEEDBACK~~~~~~~

1. A rather catchy song. A bit repetitive? The echos. XD  “Helloooo” Reminds me of “old school SHINee” ^o^

2. I’m definitely NOT the biggest fan of Asian rapping…>.< And I don’t really like SHINee’s style when they do….:/ But hey, each person is entilted to their own opinion. If you like it, good for you.

3. Ah…the ballad of the album. Rather soothing 🙂 I’m not really fan of snapping…but I can live with it.

Overall, I think these three tracks (each could be considered a different genre, actually) compliment each other well for the repackage album. They are working hard! ^o^


4 thoughts on “Hello Repackage~SHINee :D

  1. I’ve actually never heard of any of these k-pop bands that you’re always writing about.
    I mean, the only k-pop that I hear of are either Super Junior, SNSD or Wonder Girls . . .
    And that’s virtually it

    1. SAY WHAT. You need to listen to them. They’re good. Maybe this is why I’m posting them on my blog lol. XD Super Junior is good. Just not much going on with them as a whole group at the moment. Been hearing about individuals more.

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