~My Dream Guy~ lolz XD 20 Requirements!

Ok, so this actually started as a facebook joke…but then I was asked to post my 20 expectations for a guy on my blog…so…here goes:

(Please do not take offense to any of these! I’m not meaning to bash!)

1.Christian and active in the ministry
2. Asian: chinese, jap, or korean (not those buff manly ones, but not those girly ones that ppl cant tell if they’re a guy or girl o0)…
3.Has to be sensitive to others feelings.
4. musically talented, can sing in tune (it bothers me when ppl cant >.<).
5. mergh…has a nice smile 🙂
6. doesnt completely fail at sports like i do
7. someone that can somewhat counter my character but not crash and collide? :3 (i …dunno where im going with this one…)
8. responsible and not lazy (unlike me pwhahaah) but not 100% serious
9. has to be at least my age or up to 3 years older… this one is very bias/selfish…i apologize beforehand >.<
10. can NEVER get his head shaved :O i dun like it when guys do that
11. clean-shaven :3 dun like mustaches and such.
12. has to be able to understand my obsession with kawaii things and not be annoyed with it kekeke
13. no drugs, no alcohol >:P duuh.
14. kind friendly reminders for me to get things done if i get lazy XD
15. sense of humor. but not the kind that NO ONE laughs at/crude..etc.
16. the eyes. very important. i love eyes. ♥
17. not a fattie/junkie/obese. (of course, its not too much of a problem with asians…)
18. love for music in general~
19. not clingy and not over-protective.
20. flexible (i dont mean physically XD)

~~~~~~~There. I would say some of these are more for comical relief…but still! lol Btw, there probably are more I could come up with, but I’m much too lazy to do that…plus, I still have several years :D~~~~~~~~~

Bear with ring
That's my favorite ring on top of Pippin's head (yes his name is Pippin :D)

8 thoughts on “~My Dream Guy~ lolz XD 20 Requirements!

  1. HECK YES!!!
    i love it when you respond so quickly~~
    i love you, jie
    it was only half a joke, too
    we’re GOING to find you a husband~~~~~~~~~~

    epic facebook jokes for the win, ne?

    1. o0….but…at least I wouldn’t LOOK any older than them ;)…so if I just happened to (not saying I would :/) no one would be able to notice the age difference unless I straight out TOLD them haha~
      Ooooh…height. Also important :]….Hmmmm…at least 5’6. *nodnod*

  2. ahahahah 17, so it’s just the caucasians, isn’t it ):

    and 20…i dont even know what to say, ahaha
    but oooh jessica, how i love you.

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