*stare stare* O.O

Just came back from this long tedious (but not exactly hard) Chinese exam.  I was freaking out about it for NOTHING. XD Anyway, today I wore this over-size nasty yellow-colored korean shirt (yeah, the color could’ve been better, but other than that, I like the design/picture. Oh, and the whole shirt in general could have also been SMALLER. During different parts of the day one side would slide down my shouler. SO ANNOYING. =.=; People apparently thought the shirt was amusing/interesting/weird….cause I got a whole lot of stares. Me, proud of my Asian background, of course didn’t care! I love Asian clothes in general! And yes, there are many different styles too. 🙂 I wish I lived in Hong Kong. *daydreams..*(I really am too obsessed. ouch)

Asian shirt
Yeah...it makes me look faaaaaat >.<;

Yesterday… and today, in three of my classes, there were these really super-excited, fast-talking Swedish accented girls (students? exchange students??? O.o) who advertised this summer program about going to 7 different countries and earning credit for classes while exploring the countries themselves in exciting ways you never dreamed of. Too bad none of them included the countries I am interested in. But yeeeaaah, they talked so fast to the point NO ONE could understand most of what they were saying. lol~ I think they were trying to promote the program as quickly as possible without cutting into class time too much. If they’d talk slower….kekeke.

Someone’s trying (and failing) to sing opera across the street outside….O.O I can hear many different unwanted noises from my dorm room: ambulances, firetrucks, loud-blaring motors of vehicles, people singing (quite badly), animals once in a while…blah blah blah. The list goes ON. It’s a wonder I can still sleep with all that going on.


10 thoughts on “*stare stare* O.O

  1. haha, one of those girls came into my statistics class yesterday morning. I think she was forcing herself to sound really excited…but it sounded way too forced to me haha. and I didn’t even get one of her fliers. oh well haha. and oooh my god. I hear SO many sirens outside my dorm. it’s horribly loud haha, but I think I’ve gotten used to it by now.

    …by the way, why do you have this blog? xD just curious.

  2. i love wearing asian clothes too
    but it’s slightly easier for me to access them~~
    asia for the winnnnnn~~

    you really, REALLY like leggings, don’t you?

      1. well . . . i can think of two phrases that mean that
        is it the one with or without the 口?
        like, “he’s from THAT country”
        or “he’s from WHICH country”

    1. Yeah, different variations talking about different people about such a topic. *nodnod* He’s from which country? And then answers like, “Ta shi Zhongguo ren. Ni ne?” “Wo ye shi Zhongguo ren.” “Ta shi shei?” “Ta shi wo yisheng. Ta hen mang.” “Zhe shi wo gege. Ta shi laoshi.” Stuff like that haha. Really basic. But then ALL of it had to be written in actual simplified charries. >.<

      1. oic . . . actually, i’m not even sure if i could do that . . . i’m pretty sure that my chinese writing should be up to par . . . but simplified?

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