Chibi Sasuke…nyuuu! ^^

Sasuke...cosplaying? XD

This drawing is like…almost ancientttt…it’s like TWO years old haha. I drew this two summers ago…during one week of VBS…and wore it on my nametag haha. The I posted it on deviantart…and lost the original. How quaint. =.=; Well, I recently just took a look at my “dying” account and saw this little guy. You know how you usually think something you drew is awesome in the first place…then time passes by and then you think it’s the crappiest thing that has ever existed? Well, not my case for this one. I still think my Sasuke’s cute as ever lol~ As for whether I have picked up drawing again or not…I’d have to say no. :/ I doodle sometimes for fun…but I don’t seriously spend time coming up with something worth sharing with “the rest of the world”. That’s all for now. STARE AT IT ahaha. XD


5 thoughts on “Chibi Sasuke…nyuuu! ^^

  1. I like this it’s cute, your drawing of…human (is that right?) *snuffles* I’m not too familiar with the drawing styles that are commonly used by people. I’m a hedgehog, most pictures I look at are traced in dirt.

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