Oreosssss…. *om nom nom*

Soooo…what EXACTLY have I done today? Let’s see, I rolled out of bed at 8:30ish… (i am LOVING being able to get up this late kekeke) Checked my blog stats (haha…yes, it has become my new best friend XD) and then checked facebook (my second best friend) and then went off to American Govt. class. Then I came back to the dorm with carry-out from the cafe downstairs and started eating. :3 I went on deviantart.com (art-related website) *legasp* and actually started doing STUFF on there, scrolling down the most recent drawing posts and commenting on random ones I find interesting. I was “inactive” for the longest of time. BUT! My incentive? DUH! Promoting my blog of course! 😛 Looking at other peoples’ artwork has also helped me pass my day. Later, I have Chinese class… and then I get to spend the rest of the day with my face stuck to the netbook screen mwahaah. I just finished eating half a roll of oreo cookies…with skim milk ^o^ *aaah heaven lol* I find myself just eating in general at the most random point of the day…but I don’t eat in class :/. My stomach hurts now. I think I ate a little too much X.x I really need to watch out for the freshie 15 now. Nuuuuuuuuuu~

“]oreo cookies
You know you want some....!

2 thoughts on “Oreosssss…. *om nom nom*

  1. delicious, jessica~
    but, goodness, you sound so “宅”, aka chinese slang for someone that never goes out and socialize
    actually, your life sounds vaguely similar to mine

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