“Why hel-LO there…hello there…” *looks me up and down*

Yesterday I was walking out of the dorm premises onto the sidewalk to math class when these random guys called out to me from rolled down windows of their car. … during a RED LIGHT. (don’t remember what color, but it was a small car…) “Why heLLO there…heLLO.” Then they whistled…Horrified, I got really self-conscious and annoyed and stated to walk faster…much faster. (On a regular basis, I walk pretty fast anyway…so I guess I was officially speed-walking *nodnod*) I could hear their voices, “Oh, hey baby, don’t be like that! Come back over here. We want to talk to you!” and other trash like that. I do NOT want to know what was going on in their heads. That made me boiling mad and I had to refrain myself from marching back up there and punching them in the faces. Guys, most random girls you see do NOT like to be treated that way. It’s embarrassing, belittling, and just down-right insulting to us, especially if we don’t know you. If it’s a joke and you’re friends with the girl, as long as they know you’re joking, it’s okay. But, in cases like mine, NONONONO. >:O Okay, that’s all for my rant. ^^~

Random picture...Harajuku Lovers folder...from Target haha ^^

Sorry for the random pic, I couldn’t think of anything else ^^;


4 thoughts on ““Why hel-LO there…hello there…” *looks me up and down*

  1. If I were you, I’d just get a little pepper-spray happy
    but then again, i don’t want you kicked out of school this early in the semester

  2. You know LCCC works as part time triad gang, and uncle Elon is our Dai Guo. just saying…in case you need some taking care of.

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