Da “Zoom” practice, yo! ;P

Omg this (especially the end) completely cracked me up. I fell in love with this band even more lol. XDDDD

both video credits go to hawoosin

(from “Mastermind” album ^^)

4:20- end= EPIC HILARIOUSNESS. like no other! 😀 Way to completely change the view I have of “V.I.U”  ppfffftt. Doojoon was on something… I’m pretty convinced oO.

5:14-end Dongwoon (from the back), then Doojoon (in the VERY front you show-off), “skilfully” exit the screen for a few seconds to drag in staff haha. And in the last scene Hyunseung’s mouth was open, like, the whole time XD. Anyway, the choreography of the actual practice of “Zoom” in this vid impressed me again. Oh, which reminds me: the special effects were spectacular *nod nod*. “Special” was really good too (from the album “Shock of the Era”).

~~~Haha. 😛 B2ST fighting!!!!!


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