Hitting on girls for the sake of fundraising= VERY BAAAD idea >:O

OMG I am SO mad I want to punch a hole in the wall!!!! >:OOOO This…was…a.complete.NIGHTMARE.I want to hunt that guy down so bad *grumble grumble*. The following was how it pretty much went…I might have excluded some details…but that’s because I was too enraged afterward and couldn’t recall. 😛

On the way to Chinese class, (this is outside) I heard some male voice saying “Ni hao” over and over again… Then I realized he was saying it to me, trying to get my attention. Curious, I stopped in my tracks. He smiled and said, “Hey are you Chinese? You understand what I just said?” I simply nodded. “Come over here!” He motioned for me to get closer. There were a few other random people sitting around there so I decided to walk up and see what exactly that guy wanted. He probably wants me to teach him a few phrases or something, I thought humorously to myself. The guy asked, “You…can understand English, right?” I probably gave him a “DUH YOU IDIOT” look, knowing me. I nodded. Then he added, “And…you can speak English pretty well?”

“Why yes I can,” I answered.

“Great.” He was all smiles. “Got a few minutes?”

“Well, I have class to go to…”

“That’s okay, so do I. It won’t take but three minutes.” (BIG. FAT. LIARRRRR RWAAAAAR.)

He motioned for me to sit down. “You a freshman?” he asked.


He grinned. “Yeah, cause I thought you looked really young. I’m a senior, and I know, you must be thinking ‘Seniors don’t talk to freshmen’ hahaha.” Then he said, “My name is____.” Nice to meet you. Your boyfriend isn’t going to beat me up or anything just because I’m talking to you, right? XD”


We shook hands. Then he continued on, “Yeah, so you know what? I’m Italian and I really like hot and cute Asian girls. So I managed to get one’s attention, and here you are. I just finished talking to some other Chinese girls not long ago.” He started pulling out something from his pocket.

Not impressed, dude, not impressed. -.-

“I’m getting a high fever because of you, feel my forehead.” I did just so he’d move on to what he really wanted to say. “Achoo. See?” He laughed.

I looked at him funny. Then he started talking about this program that would allow him to go over to Italy to study abroad during the summer, and the fact that  he needed to sell subscriptions of magazines to gain points during that trip. He asked if I could subscribe to a few. “Oh, hey, could I borrow a pen? I left mine over there.” He pointed to a few feet away from us.

While I was rummaging through my backpack he said, “Wo ai ni. My heart, wanna feel it? It’s beating so rapidly.”

I felt a huge pang of repulsion right there, pulling out my pencil and holding it out almost obligingly.

He took it and then showed me a few papers about the magazine subscriptions. “Now, tell me your favorite color so I can send you a nice thank-you  postcard when I go to Italy. I’ll make yours special and put a sticker on it. If any of my friends ask you to support them, tell them you’ve already helped out ‘hot’ me.”

(Inside, I was like, say WUT. Imma eat yo face! >:O)

“I don’t have any cash on me,” I hinted I clearly didn’t want to help him…

“Oh, that’s okay, that’s why there’s an ATM inside that building. Or you could ask your boyfriend.”

I gave him a “gentle”glare.

“Hehe, or not. The ATM is fine.” He points towards the building.

“No, you don’t understand. I can’t get access to it. And I don’t have cash.”

“Uh huh, well people don’t carry around plastic and do nothing with it. What’s in there then?” He points to my backpack.

“My books. And my phone.” Pretty fed up at this point.

“Are you sure?” He was losing the “extra-friendly vibe” at the point.

“Yes. I don’t have a card, I don’t even have my wallet…”

“Oh, sorry for wasting your time then.” he said in a rushed tone. He quickly put away his advertisement articles.

“Um..good luck?” I got up and picked up my pencil (which somehow got form his hand onto the dirty ground), walking off quickly. (Man, Imma be late for Chinese because of this player now, I thought amidst all the other jumbled up rage and desire to kick the guy in the groin.)

“Yeah, whatever,” I could hear him grumbling to himself back there.

When I reached and entered the classroom, I found the nearest trashcan  and threw the pencil that he touched rather violently into it. (Such a waste of a perfectly good mechanical pencil  waaah T.T) People were staring, I saw out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t care though. I was feeling angsty! That JERK! It took me the longest of time to calm down. I was somewhat still flustered and angry throughout the first half of Chinese, and that cost me some of my normal coherency in class >.<. After class was over, I went another route back to the dorm. I didn’t want to take any more risks.

So here I am, sitting at my desk, safely back from all the drama ^^. I’ve managed to calm down and type this story up, yay me. For everyone: Don’t EVER try to fund- raise by using these means. EVER. You’ll freak people out and scare them away more than anything.  Advice for girls: Don’t do what I did. Walk away. Don’t acknowledge the random guy/guys. You don’t know what they could be up to. Just because they’re extra friendly (usually means they have another incentive behind that fake mask) doesn’t mean you should “fall under their charming spell.” Always treat incidents like this with EXTREME caution. Same for guys, though it probably doesn’t happen as often…? There. Lesson for me and for everyone. I really might have to think about getting a boyfriend to protect me on campus now…lolz~ Forgive me for my unusually violent rant.

Oh how I wish that was his head stuck in a dirty smelly trashcan…

6 thoughts on “Hitting on girls for the sake of fundraising= VERY BAAAD idea >:O

  1. Oh yeah, there were some guys going around doing that last year too. Well, they weren’t hitting on people, but they were being “charming.” But anyway, next time don’t even bother 🙂 and at least now you know!

  2. i would seriously consider putting on some stiletto heels and kicking his face in with it or something
    just sayin~
    jie, i seriously think that you should consider carrying around some pepper spray~~~

  3. I just reread an earlier post of yours… haha, seems like you’re too cute to resist XD you SHOULD get a boyfriend soon XD If God Willing

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