What is university life DOING TO ME!?!!?!? X.x

Okay, so recently I’ve had these huge random food cravings….and they ARE. NOT. STOPPING. >.<; I could cry right now. Maybe it’s the stress from school, or lack of…other things such as sleep? I find that I cannot “drift off into dreamland” before 12:00 pm on any given night of the week. That is sad! I used to be able to… in high school. What is college doing to me!??!?!!?!? X.x My habits are all going out of whack. For example, I DEFEATED procrastination! Well, maybe that’s a good change, but others… like eating small amounts of food over wider spans of time, and sleeping 6-ish hours per night? *shakes head*

Ehhhh…. I find myself ranting too much lately. Sorry about that. I shall pause now. (Notice I did not say “stop”. I could never do that XD)

I’ve heard a few “complaints” about the “blasting” foreign music :] However, I did NOT adjust the volume of the original song in any way…soo….^^

On a side note, I think this whole blogging experience is going to help me become a more emotionally strong person. I can feel it right now, the positive energy coursing through my veins, strengthening me…psssshh….hahaha. 😛

Alarm clock, that I don’t use for anything except tell the time haha.

2 thoughts on “What is university life DOING TO ME!?!!?!? X.x

  1. mehhhhhhh~
    i can feel you
    and i’m only in high school
    seriously, i have to worry about the junior 5 before the freshman 15
    5 as in kg . . . O.O
    i need to lose WEIGHTTTTTTTT~
    so sad
    let’s work hard together~~~

  2. Aww, I’m sorry, Jess! Is it b/c of the change in weather, do u think? I have more of an appetite during winter. Especially when it comes to hot soup or spicy food.

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