B2ST attempts to speak English…kekeke :)

In an episode of their reality show, Idol Maid, each B2ST member had to answer specific questions in English. I love their accents lol.

video credits go to KpopCuts

1. Kikwang

~~~Haha “My tall is 170 cm.” lol

2. Dongwoon

~~~ “Hi, I’m Dongwoon from Beast. Beast is our group name.” Hello Mr. Repetitive kekeke ^^ His Western style= “It is my charming. My low voice…and my deep eyes.” XD

3. Yoseob

~~~”Han word” (supposed to be “Chinese”) you faiiil. pwahah. “I have something problem in my…throat?” *stifle laughter*

4. Junhyung

~~~”Nice to meet you. I…I….I…” lolz. He was kinda a fail…? At least he said some stuff :3

5. Hyunseung

~~~He had a bit of a long pause….:/ stallar! 😛 “Pardon me?” “Ah, pass.” <— What kind of answers are those? In other words, no comprendes haha. Said “Give you my younger sister” in response to “Do you want me to give you four stars?” HAHAHAA FAIL KING XDDDD I bet Doojoon had something to do with the wrong answer….Kikwang at the end…ppffft. XD


~~~The one to answer with most confidence and least pauses/mistakes. He wins the prize lol.

Um…here’s the whole thing put together.I think some parts were cut off the individual ones haha

video credits to tyasz


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