Okay. To let everyone know, nothing bizarre happened today. No guy issues, nada. 😀 But I DO want to address my habit of jay-walking haha. I’ve always been bad with waiting to cross streets…and then, sometimes don’t want to even walk over to the designated “crosswalk”. Very bad habit, as I’m sure others also possess. One can easily be in danger of getting run over because of jaywalking. Well, I’m not saying that if you do follow to rules you will be completely safe XD. Some crazy car driver might decide you are the perfect to-be-roadkill. *shrug* So far on campus, I have been nowhere close to being run over…not really anyway. Once, I was jammin’ to my music on my ipod and I just walked out into the street to get to the other side. Stupid me didn’t even pay attention to cars or the traffic lights…lalala. I heard a loud honk, looked to my left (still walking slowly though…o0) and saw an annoyed driver glaring at me. Whoops. My bad. I hurried the rest of the way across like a scared monkey. Sooo…that was the only incident I really had trouble with because of jaywalking. :/ Other times, I would be like a foot (or less) away from the front of a car (such as today)…but that’s because pedestrians AND that lane were allowed to “go”.  Not my fault. Yield to me!  MWAHAHAHA. 😛 Well, that’s my little story for today. ^o^  Hopefully I will have another freaky incident-free day tomorrow.~

The cheaper skullcandy of the two 😛

This whole thing on jaywalking…reminds me of Jay Park. I know some of you knew that was coming kekeke. 😉 Lovely how he came out with a few songs very recently (though like 3 of them are variations of one song lol “Bestie”). The other one is titled, “Speechless” which he sang with Cha Cha Malone. Haha…I am almost completely clueless about American artists. I spoil myself too much to Asian pop >.<. Jay made a video promoting non-piracy. In other words, no getting his new songs for free online. Well, you can guess that request was not followed. I’ve seen many uploads of the songs on the internet since. *nodnod*. True, some people might not have the access to buy the song off his site: http://music.jaypark.com/ (or other sources). But then I’ve seen hate comments on various sites bashing down Jay because of  his request and the fact the songs aren’t for free. Owie. No need to go that far. Artists and their agencies need to earn money. If everything they came out with was free, then profits go doooooown. Of course, they might still have endorsements to turn to and such, but still… Getting a song without paying for it (or artist saying its free) is a crime. Many people have broken that rule many times…(yes, I am guilty too T.T). Here’s jay’s video, in case you want to watch for yourself:

video from jayparkaom

My favorite quote from that: “It’s illegal piracy. Don’t be pirates!” Lol Jay, your Seattle accent. ^o^

*siiigh* I personally don’t like “bashers”. I also don’t believe I am a basher XD. Cool down, relax, and think about the other person’s point of view first before making any judgments. 🙂 Okay, that’s enough for now.



  1. lol
    jaywalking improperly in taiwan will get you killed
    heck, walking when you’re SUPPOSED to be walking might get you killed

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