SHINee’s diva, Key..a wanna-be CL :]

Haha I love it when kpop groups imitate each other, whether if it’s just normal joking around behind the scenes or on stage, reenacting  certain songs in a playful hilarious way. In this particular video, Key imitates CL in one of 2Ne1’s newest songs, “Go Away” while it’s airing on the radio. Minho, next to him, is just grooving along…with his head XD, adding a few smirks. Key’s face at the end of the clip when he takes off the shades….mouth wide open. Lol. I love it when clips like this are released… makes the idols seem more “human”with showing their quirkiness and humorous actions. Oh, and especially when there’s only one of them totally breaking it down, and any of the others around them just stand/sit there awkwardly, not sure how to respond, haha. Shows they don’t have to act so professionally all the time :].

video credits go to shineelucifer300


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