“The ones [KFCs] in China are bigger, and their food is better.” ^^ ~Talking with International students!

Today in one of my classes, we had the honor of having 18 international students come in and talk to us. We all pretty much got paired up one-on- one, but there were more of US than THEM.We all got a sheet of paper with questions on there to ask each other…but we could just talk about random stuff too lol.~

When my class entered the room, (scrambling around for open seats next to the international students) I sat down next to someone I then found out was from Saudi Arabia. His name was Badl… COOL! 😀 With his accent, he was somewhat hard to understand at some points, and some questions he didn’t totally comprehend lol. I helped him out though, ^o^. He was a graduate student, so I felt even younger in his presence kekeke. I learned some stuff about Saudi Arabia, we talked about food, weather, transportation  and horses while he scribbled randomly on his paper sometimes while thinking… 🙂 Oh! And he wrote my name in Arabic!!!! Grrr, I should’ve taken a picture or something T.T. It was that epic.

After like 20 or 30 minutes, the ESL teacher told the international students to get up and move around the room to find another student to pair up with. I said bye to Badl and sat there, waiting for the next person to come along. AT that point, I realized the majority of the international students in there were…male. Haha. I was staring of into space, when the chair next to me moved, and someone sat down in it. I turned and saw an Asian guy. (haha, out of all the students in the room, he chose another Asian to pair up with, how creative XD) We both said hi (I don’t remember his name :/) and then I asked him what country he was from. As I suspected he said, “China.” There are so many Chinese exchange/international students on my campus this year. I heard from a friend there were a bunch of Korean ones last year. Booo. T.T lol but this guy was decent looking ^^. Then he asked where I was from. I told him I’m also Chinese, but I was born in the States.

He seemed very interested. “Oh, can you speak Chinese?”

“I can understand more than speak. Which is why I’m taking Chinese 101 right now.”

We both laughed. Yay, more common grounds here. Chinese, not to mention he was friendly, in a GOOD way. I was happy :D. And he seemed comfortable/natural with talking to me. Haha potential new friend SCORE~

“So, have you ever been to China?” he asked. (btw he had a NICE voice)

“Well, not Mainland, but I’ve been to Hong Hong.” Teehee. This was turning into a “ask Jessica a question”interview. :]

The ESL teacher was passing by…then she stopped behind us and touched both of our shoulders. “Uh oh. Uh oh. What kind of pair do we have here?” she said. (I think she saw how well and successful we were in conversing with each other?…Maybe she thought we had too much in common already and could relate to each other easier -.-) “He speaks English pretty well. Can I switch you out to another person?” she asked me. (Well, there were a couple sentences I had to ask him to repeat, due to his accent, but I guess it wasn’t much of an issue because I can relate to it more than other kinds of accents???)

A girl in a 3-person group heard the suggestion and volunteered to switch with me.

Inside, I was crushed. T.T I don’t get the chance to talk to many Asians on campus. Plus, I’ve only asked him ONE freakin question so far. The rest he asked me.

His face.. well I wouldn’t say “fell”, but looked like he was hoping there was more time to chat hahaha. When I got up, he said, “Well, nice meeting you :).”

“Nice meeting you too,” I said as I was directed by the ESL teacher to the group that was asking a guy about his 23 siblings and four mothers. I sat there and just listened…nothing much to say. A minute later, the ESL teacher came by and asked if I wanted to join a smaller group. I nodded, got up again, and followed her. Mergggh. I was the ONLY one who had to be moved at all during these interview thingies.

She led me to a pair and told them I was joining the group. The guy was from Venezuela. ^^ Some of his English was not very good (the worst of the three I met) and my classmate, at times, didn’t know how to express certain phrases or explain words. That where I jumped in and helped them understand what each other was saying. I think I have a gift mwaha. XD I forgot the Venezuelan guy’s name. >.< He was homesick awww, was just at the university  for learning English, and likes the football games.

Well…there was some class sharing at the end of the session. One topic raised was the KFC in China. The ESL teacher asked a Chinese exchange student (not the one I talked with) if he liked the ones in America or China better. He said, “The ones in China are bigger, and their food is better.” Chinese food for the wiiiin lol. Of course I totally agreed with him but dare not express it ^^.  It was a good experience, methinks (except I was robbed of the chance of a lifetime waaah lol jk).


MoshiMaro encounters a different species (more like almost eats it)…how does he respond? XD



3 thoughts on ““The ones [KFCs] in China are bigger, and their food is better.” ^^ ~Talking with International students!

  1. hahahaha! It’d be soo funny if he ended up following your blog… future BoyFriend maybe? 😉 JK, but still hoping~

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