Why am I so abnormal??!?! >.<;

I’m talking about appearance here, smart one, NOT my character/mentality lol. XD Some of these things even my friends don’t know haha….let’s see who reads this mwahahaa….>:)

1. My eyes are this abnormal light-brown that I have yet to see (natural) of another Asian.

2. My hair is thin/silky soft. 😀 (Except my mom keeps scaring me by saying all my hair will fall out by the time I am in my 20s and then I would need a wig for the rest of my life :OOOOOO NEVARRR!!!!)

3. My eyes can be considered big. (What every Asian wants  lol XD)

4. I can tan really easily…and then pale back just as easily. So… basically my skin is stubborn on being pale. :/ Soft skin is a plus! 😀

5. I have a slight case of sculliosis? It doesn’t really affect me…but it probably will when I get older….T.T Pray for me and my future health waaah.

6. I have a minor condition of eczema?(Foundation powders/liquids= BIG FAT NO for my skin. That’s what causes my skin to break out >.<)

7 . I have natural double eyelids ^^ (Again, what every Asian wants kekeke…lol jk)

Okay, I don’t want to go listing every. single. thing. So….yeah. Obviously, I’m not proud of all of these…genetic traits…but…no one’s perfect (humanly speaking). ^^


Uh….Pippin…im eating Pippin RWAR lol XD



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