I heard (and saw) former U.S. Prez Bill Clinton and other important political KY ppls that I should have knowledge of speak at UK^^;


Two in one shot! 😉

I went to the speech rally thingie (whatever you want to call it) today for Jack Conway, Democrat candidate for  U.S. Senate this fall election, at my university (University of Kentucky). The whole thing started about 15 minutes late haha. The student body vice-president gave the welcome and introduction.  Then, some important candidates and KY reps talked (I dont know any of their names >.<) I took a picture of each of them as best a s possible. I got a Conway sticker and sign for my sister’s govt. project kekeke! (when is her project due?) I was considered lucky, because I was standing fairly close to the front of the crowd, about 6 or 7 heads behind where the speakers spoke on the podium. There were some taaaall people. It was interesting to hear the democratic side of things, as I lean Republican in general,  and the “bashings” on the Republican party weren’t really too bad at all. Btw, Jack Conway looks younger than I thought he would be haha. XD At first, it felt nice standing outside…then the sun came out in the middle of Bill Clinton speaking…X.x I wanted to stay for the whole thing, but I had to get to biology class…I ended up getting to bio about 15 minutes late, but copied notes from the person next to me and got caught up. Of course, by the time class ended, the speeches were done. I thought going to the speech(es) was a good learning experience…I did not know that Bill Clinton was raised by a widow (stuuuupid) I probably should know that…Anyway, here’s some pictures! I’m so short. Waah.

Please note: These pics were taken my ME with a standard digital camera haha 🙂 If you wish to use them, duplicate them, whatever, ask for my permission first. Thank ye!~


~~~Conway said that if he could sum up what Bill Clinton is in two words, he’d say, “He gives.” (whoot whoot….only quote I remembered verbatim lol)~~~

Can anyone give me his name? lol I fail at every aspect of politics



Yeaaa..the heads >.<



Thumbs up? lol or adjusting coat?



The main event…waiting for his turn to speak teehee ^^



The best one I could get of former prez. Bill Clinton >.<;



Evil head in the way….>.> *glareee*



And he finally made his speech haha.


Ok….that’s the better pics of the batch I took. My photography skills aren’t too great. I was holding the camera with one hand, to make it worse.


6 thoughts on “I heard (and saw) former U.S. Prez Bill Clinton and other important political KY ppls that I should have knowledge of speak at UK^^;

  1. very nice! I was there (way in the back haha) but not for the important part. when I was there, whoever was introducing Ben Chandler was introducing Ben Chandler, and then Ben Chandler started talking haha. one of those pictures is probably him, but I wouldn’t know xP

  2. Very cool! The pics are AWESOME! And yes, Bill Clinton was raised by a widow, but his mum remarried when he was young. He actually has his stepdad’s last name.

  3. As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

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