I’m a slackerrrrr…mianhae! >.<;

Okay, so I’ve gotten some “complaints” from various people about me not posting on this blog for some time >:]. So, as promised, I am once again, “updating” (didn’t know so many people wanted to know about my average boring life kekeke). Sorry! Forgive me and my fail to update for so long! Let’s talk about this past Tuesday’s weather! 😀

Last week was midterms for my Chinese class…took parts of an extensive exam every. single. freakin. day (except Friday). X.x But! It was so easy… dunno what I was so worried about. And the weather…update on the weather: Coldwarmwindyrain. Yaaaay. Bad combo >.<. Just on Tuesday….there was a tornado warning (thank goodness my dorm was smart to post the predicted times of warning and storm/rain that morning, otherwise I would have been TOTALLY unprepared for the day). Good thing I only had two classes that day. In the morning, it was reaaallly windy. But not rainy yet. After that class, I almost got blown over multiple times walking back to my dorm =.=;.  I was working very diligently (randomly going on facebook in between haa) on my homework when I looked out my window about…eh…3pm-ish? The wind was really picking up and raaaaiiiin. I was not looking forward to my 5:30 class. Either the pouring rain wouldn’t stop by then (not to mention the WIND), OR the ground would be swamped with water. I even considered skipping class…but remembered we would be having a quiz that day darrrnnn. When the time came for me to face the unruly outside world, I grabbed my umbrella & put on my windbreaker, ready to face the uber evil rain/wind. As soon as I stepped out onto the sidewalk, my umbrella flipped inside out. Okay, I admit it was a cheapo somewhat-flimsy one bought on a market street of Hong Kong a few years ago…but the wind was BEASTLY! Oh, another thing…I failed to bring rain boots with me cause I didn’t think I’d need them :]. And instead of wearing sneakers or something crappy of the sort, I wore $30-some flats. I AM TRULY AN IDIOT. As of now, they are kinda…messed up. T.T Why? Crossing the road was an epic wet adventure. *nodnod* Drenched my feet…surprised they didn’t catch hypothermia…and umbrella flipped inside-out several more times before I got inside the Classroom Building. (I went into the nearest bathrooma and used a ton of paper towels to dab my feet/shoes “dry”.)  Hmm…the umbrella blocked probably 40% of the rain from my body. T.T At least the innards (haha) of my backpack were dry :D. Some ppl didn’t show up in Chinese class that day, but instruction went on as normal. On the way back to the dorm….umbrella flipped inside-out like crazy, feet/shoes drenched again, and I was crazy hungry…JOY. It was the most wonderful day of my life. THE END~

Hope everyone affected by the tornado/warnings is safe now. I had it easier than some others, I know. :/

Haha, doodled about an hour ago…it sucks XD

One thought on “I’m a slackerrrrr…mianhae! >.<;


    But I agree, that storm was crazy! I had to take an Organic exam that night :\ which was horrible ’cause the weather gave me a nasty, horrid headache, and it was miserable 😦 I nearly got blown over a couple of times riding my bike throughout the day too haha.

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