❈ Yaaaay it’s December 1st! ❈

OMG…it’s the last day of the last month of the year 2010. *treasures it*

Soooo….I woke up this morning when my roommate told me it was SNOWING outside aaaah!!! It stopped and started and stopped and started after I got back to the dorm room from my first class though…poooo =.=. I wish it were more consistent. So freakin pretty lolol. But, the famously strong wind over here on campus that never seems to cease was getting on my nerves….made me colder than necessary. RWAR.

Anyway, I had a great Thanksgiving break. Filled with LOTS of food, parties, stressssss (during the first part anyway) cause of a dance I had a crash-course in the day before performance at my home church with 2 other girls…and the bad singer my “Tree Bro” haha (inside joke ^^) Got that done and over with…we seem to get better at staying together in coordination every time! Apparently there’s supposed to be a dance at Christmas? o0 There’s one for sure for Chinese New Year…I hope the costumes wont be ridiculous ^^; I heard they’re going to be ethnic like…o.o i hope i dont end up looking ridiculous haaaaa.

Finals for me start next week…CHINESE final…whoot. The rest are the week after. I gotta start studying my buttt off if I want to keep the 4.0 GPA blaaaah =3= lazyyyy. I still cant believe half of my freshman year is almost ending O.O im getting oooollllddddd T.T!??! noooooooooo 😡 I shall try to concentrate and get through the rest of these…3 weeks hee. I think I get to leave for home early theweek of finals too :D. This winter break…my family is repainting certain rooms in the house. I FINALLY get my own room (yeah, right after I moved out >.>…..) and Imma get it painted light blue…a pretty blue :3. Green for one sister, lavender for the other. What a great choice of different colors (secretly just doesnt want them to have the same color as me cause that would be BORING). Its gonna be a wonderful Christmas break XD.

Well, so that’s what has been going on in my life. lol.

A snapshot from a video that was taken from our dance…XP



3 thoughts on “❈ Yaaaay it’s December 1st! ❈

  1. lol, are you guys still living in the same house as when i left?
    (so out of it, i know~)
    which room is your’s, which ones are your sisters’?
    send pics~~~~~~

  2. I know 😦 I was hoping it would snow all day haha. But it was still nice 🙂 I was surprised when I looked out the window this morning and it was snowing like crazy!! It was pretty steady all morning…I got up at like 8 though haha, so I dunno. SO much better than the rain yesterday!!

    So weird xD I remember when Helen and I used to dance at everything… Are your performances all for your church?

    GOOD LUCK ON FINALS! 😀 Hahaha I know how you feel about the room though–we redid my room literally four months before I moved out xD which, in retrospect, was kinda silly…but I mean, I’ve still been able to enjoy it 🙂 so yeah. I wanna see it when it’s all done! 😀

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