Was bored and decided to record something…X]

It’s already the beginning of 2011! *gasp* so much time has passed but in such a short time. (ironic) Yes, it is my last full week of winter break (first time having such a long one :0) Yesterday, I woke up and felt like playing the piano just because I felt like it. THEN. I decided to test the quality of my Christmas gift’s recording utility (ipod touches are getting SO popular it’s not even funny) I pulled out sheet music from the OST of the all-popular and BEST (in my opinion) Korean movie: “A Millionaire’s First Love” and started playing. I have no special editing programs, so the recording was mediocre. But it didn’t produce an all too bad of a sound quality. :/ After everything was done that could be done, I posted the recorded piece on youtube.

Compliments of SarangAnnyeo (me! :D)

~Now that I listen to it again, I should’ve put more delicacy into my playing. That’s what I get for being groggy and not sleeping enough/late at night huhuhu :3.

Holiday accomplishments, I have none, really (or New Year’s  resolutions…me bad >.<). My sister’s room is painted though! Some sort of light green color. Mine’s going to be light blue ^o^ Can’t wait…my parents probably won’t even start on it until summer though…after they finish my other sister’s room during Spring Break. *sigh* Hope everyone had a nice winter break!~


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