Top 5 Adorably Cute Japanese Male Celebrities

Hey, it’s been a while! In fact… a really long while. Let’s just say I am a  girl who has a ton more responsibilities now than when I first started this personal blog last year, writing-wise. Not to worry, I haven’t lost my touch for blogging. In fact, I have been blogging like crazy, but through another  site, a more popular one than this measly one, haha. Okay, with this more-or-less awesome explanation out of the way (more to come, maybe)… let’s get on to the main reason for this post.

Me and my ever-growing love and obsession with KPop. *long pause* I still find the time to watch Japanese dramas, anime and read some manga though! That being said, I’ve really come to like some Japanese male celebrities, though on the whole, I prefer the Korean guys. They seem to possess more manly features as a whole…? But there are a freakin’ load of famous good-looking Japanese males too. Anyway, let’s start.

Note: Clicking on the names will lead you to pages containing info about the guy via a little feature XD.

5. Hongo Kanata– November 15, 1990

He kinda looks like a Japanese version of SHINee’s Taemin…O.O  Just a bit. Haven’t really watched any dramas he’s been in except a little of “Prince of Tennis” live-action. Cutie, and a little over a year older than me :3

4. Takagi Manpei & Shinpei– October 22, 1985

The handsomest pair of twins ever!!! Well, except for Korean Jo twins Youngmin and Kwangmin, huhuhu but I consider them cute instead. First found out about these two through an “Ouran High School Host Club” live-action cast list before the series started airing. Superb acting just like I imagined it to be *double thumbs up* and the  Hitachiin twins are my favorite charries of the whole drama of which I thought was kinda ridiculously short. (Want to see the moooovie).

3. Tegoshi Yuya– November 11, 1987

Probably my favorite from JPop group NEWS. Also, loved his acting in drama “Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge” which I thought totally suited his image perfectly! Tegoshi doesn’t look half bad when he cross-dresses (should I be mentioning this…). And omg that bunny in the pic is too precious. Me want.

2. Akanishi Jin– July 4, 1984

Umm, so maybe he’s more of a “hottie” rather than a cutie but still. His solo song “Eternal” captured my heart. Such a sweet song, lovely voice, AND the lyrics are not about love and romance!  Miss him in KAT-TUN though, which was how I first found out about him.

1. Miura Haruma– April 5, 1990

Perfect. Face. Even that birth mark on his chin. It makes him all the more special. Such gorgeous eyes, dang. And his voice… Whenever I see him act (ie: movie “Kimi ni Todoke”) I sometimes forget to actually pay attention to the subs and movie itself and watch his face instead. Google search him and tons and tons of beautiful pics come up…

I probably forgot a few–at least–… but these five came to my mind first so they win. Wae they so pretty…prettier than me…. *gloom* lol. I’ll get over it. Call me a fangirl if you want. 😛

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the pictures nyan. All credits go to respectful owners. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Thank you~


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