“They must be from China”: What I get for being completely oblivious during a dim sum breakfast

A friend wanted me to write out this story in a blog post, so I am granting her request and doing so. (love you, Cindy!!) Going back to another semester of uni soon, boooo. But at least my classes are getting more exciting-sounding… Anyway, back to the purpose of this.

** I don’t mean to be offensive in any way in this re-telling of what happened.

Sooo, went to a restaurant in Atlanta (btw H MART= EPIC WIN SUPERMARKET~!) and ate there for a dinner, then dim sum the next morning before heading home. We entered the Chinese restaurant on the day of our departure at 10 a.m. The waiter happened to seat us at the same exact table where we had dinner, which upon seeing that, my dad gave out a loud laugh. To be honest, I was a little embarrassed, seeing some glances made in our direction. My family took our seats at the table, and I just sat there for a couple minutes with my puffy blue jacket on until I realized that everyone else had taken theirs off already. I turned around to drape that huge blue thing around the top of my chair to see that there was a guy looking at me from the table next to us. An Asian guy whom I estimate to be in his late teens at least, wearing a thin gray jacket (I think??). He was… decent looking, actually. I, being one who doesn’t like eye contact all that much in the first place, hung my jacket asap and turned back around, never to look in that direction again. Duh, there was no need to.

My family ate, and ate, and talked, and ate. Until, my sister-who-seems-more-like-a-grandma-figure said my name and looked over at me. Confused, I asked, “What?” She then said, “Eh, I’ll tell you later.” Great, now she had me wondering for the remainder of the time. Until! That family that was at the next table left. I had only noticed a dad, mom, little boy between ages of 8-12-ish, and that guy in the gray hoodie thing.

My sisters then started talking right away. About how the two older boys– I had only seen one??!– were discussing (in English) about our family: “They must be from China” the decided, due to the fact that my parents started talking in Mandarin and Cantonese to the waiters/waitresses. Quite a unjustified assumption there. Please take note I did not notice ANY of these happenings. To make me look even more stupid, talked about this guy who was sitting right behind me who wore the fobby thick black glasses. Um… did I miss something?? HECK YES. According to me, he didn’t even exist. I didn’t even see him or hear him. My other little sister then started babbling on about how that guy was staring at the back of my head the entire time. Mmm, dunno how much of that to believe. And apparently, while I was whipping out my iPod and showing my parents all the KPop guyz in my photo album, they were peering over at it too with much interest, VIOLATING MY iPOD’S SCREEN!!!! lol, jk. If I had known this was happening, I would’ve turned around and asked them if they wanted to stare at some pretty boys more. Meh, and guess what pictures the were:

This one (Jo Kwangmin and Youngmin from Boyfriend)

and this (3 of Boyfriend’s members)

Yeah, so hot and irresistible, I know. Haha.

How could I have totally missed all of this, right? Well, I did, and I was actually doing what I was supposed to do: EATING LIKE THERES NO OTHER DAY BECAUSE THIS FOOD WAS HEAVENLY COMPARED TO RESTAURANTS BACK AT HOME. My back was to that table so it’s no wonder I didn’t see anything happening. But, surely I must have heard if I have ears (which I do)! Eh, I missed out on all the creeping fun. Kinda glad I did though, otherwise I wouldn’t have enjoyed my meal as much as I did.

There’s that story. Can’t really say I learned much from this experience I was totally unaware of besides the fact that I might be outrageously-drop-dead-gorgeous. But yeah, didn’t really get anything valuable out of this. Until next time, then!

P.S. The title pic is gong chow ngau ho :3


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