Hong Kong, Junior year… and a renewal for the love of KPop

Hey. It’s been a while. In fact, I do so much writing in classes I could have totally written a novel by now. Er, full of lots of topics involving media related Supreme Court cases, Appalachian book reviews, poetry and literature analyses and what not. Like anyone would want to read what I have to say about those topics besides my professors, psssh. (I’m kidding. o.o) Oh, and I actually have to READ my textbooks this semester, le gasp. Though half of them are not actually textbooks; they’re novels. And great, just remembered I have a 15 page paper due in about a month and a half…

So, what else have I been doing besides getting my nose stuck in books? I must say my devotion to KPop has somehow dropped over the past summer, especially in the middle. Oh wait. Hong Kong. How could I forget. Not long after uni was let out, I flew overseas to visit relatives with my mom and granny of a sister and stayed in Hong Hong for two weeks. Yes, only two weeks, since my fifth grade sister was going to graduate at the end of that month and we just had to be back in time for that. (Not complaining! I love my sister! <3) Lots of good food and shopping. Picked up SHINee’s Sherlock and UKISS’ DoraDora from music stores (which came with a free poster, yay promotions) just because I can, but I didn’t want to weigh down the luggage too much. Some salespeople even said I was pretty. Pssh, they were just trying to get my money, I bet. ;P The relatives from both sides spoiled my sister and me, as usual, since we don’t often see them. At times, I thought I was taking advantage of their kindess. Mebbe. Ran into some rude people, all of which my sister told me about. Yes, I was oblivious and totally unaware of my surroundings, as usual.

Food pic mini spam time! Because that’s pretty much all I took pictures of in Hong Kong, for the majority:

Korean food
Korean side dishes, Korean restaurant, Korean owner. :3
GIANT chewy fried sesame ball things. Taste delicious, not so good for the skin.
Assorted dishes in a seafood restaurant in Saigon district.
German style food. At some place where I got a bunch of mosquito bites outside…
At a Asian buffet-style place. Yum yum, these were sooo good. I hogged a whole plate for myself. >.>
A restaurant in the little shopping arcade near my grandparents’ place. Yum yum noodles.
A variation of fried rice in a restaurant located in the Kowloon area near our hotel. ^_^
Egg tarts! Regular, egg white and po tat. :3
Dim sum- siu long bao. Those things are so freaking good.

Aaaand that’s the end of my food pic spam. Sorry, I don’t think it’d be very nice of me to have everyone scrolling forever down the page.

Oh, before I leave the Hong Kong topic, there’s this Evil Bear pillow–yes, Rilakkuma will now forevermore be known to me as that– that cost me my iPod (it was maliciously stolen in Mong Kok) and Facebook! D:< So it was not only roughly $10… it cost $310-ish PLUS hard work PLUS deletion of bunches of precious PLUS 600+ fb friends!! GAAAAH. Okay mebbe the last part is actually something good. I don’t even think I talked to a hundred of them.

Behold.. Evil Bear.

Okay, now I shall move on. Ah, yes. I suppose talking about school would bore you all to tears. But! I shall talk about involvements and activities, then! In September, I joined a Korean culture club to actually learn a bit of the language so that KPop won’t be completely foreign to me. (No, the uni does not offer Korean as a language course…) Also, I have gotten involved in a KPop dance group! Whoot! Now I can actually start to dance along with favorite songs and groups. Currently, we are learning EXO M’s History. Pretty intense but fun, and quite a challenge for first timers *coughcoughme*. But hey, we’re making good progress so far, I’d say, nice and slowly. Not to mention, we have six people for all six parts, squee! We all even “accidentally” call each other by the member’s names, quite hilarious. I be Tao. ;D Can’t wait for the finished product, and we are sure to post a video on youtube. Stay tuned!

Listen! Enjoy the mayo! Here’s the official dance practice video from S.M.’s official youtube channel:

Oh, and I recently realized that Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk is leaving for the army soon. Oh nuu! We’ll miss you, Teukie! The members are decreasing in number just like ELFs knew the days would come but hoped it never would for real. He leaves on the 30th this month. The day is drawing near. Make good memories before you go, and be safe! I’m sure he’ll get media coverage every once in a while still, hehe.

Teukie. :3

I think that’s enough for now. The weekend is upon us soon and I shall have good Asian food this weekend! Er, I just realized what time it is. Gangnam Style has GOT to get out of my head and my life so it can be peaceful again, haha. Farewell, and until next time– which is hopefully not more than half a year later, pwahaha. Bai! ❤

Om nom nom… eating time.

*Note: I own no pictures except for the ones I took in Hong Kong with my own camera. Thank chu.


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