Infinite OGS Concert in NYC Part 3: Sorry Woohyun and Hi Sungjong!


Following the angry moshpit of madness…

Who did I bump into? None other than Woohyun, who was making his way back to the stage after his solo. I only remember standing up shakily and trying to steady myself, looking at the masses of fans and then to the side where I was supposed to head over to. I didn’t even have the strength to appreciate or be surprised that HE was right there. Honestly, I could have jumped him if I were a sasaeng fan (and then get tackled and thrown out by security). But of course, I just tried to make my way out as smoothly as possible, since I was a sweaty mess anyway. Nope, strayed from my path and shoulder-bumped into him and have been sorry since. MOVING ON. Continue reading