Infinite OGS Concert in NYC Part 3: Sorry Woohyun and Hi Sungjong!


Following the angry moshpit of madness…

Who did I bump into? None other than Woohyun, who was making his way back to the stage after his solo. I only remember standing up shakily and trying to steady myself, looking at the masses of fans and then to the side where I was supposed to head over to. I didn’t even have the strength to appreciate or be surprised that HE was right there. Honestly, I could have jumped him if I were a sasaeng fan (and then get tackled and thrown out by security). But of course, I just tried to make my way out as smoothly as possible, since I was a sweaty mess anyway. Nope, strayed from my path and shoulder-bumped into him and have been sorry since. MOVING ON.

A little tangent but here’s a little quick crappy filming of “Be Mine” when I was no longer in the pit. Please beware of the screaming/loud base noises since I was so close to the blasting speaker things.

And “BTD” haha.

Since I was no longer in the pit, I had about lost all hope to even try and get Sungjong’s attention for any longer than a glance (unless he had noticed me being squished around while in front of my section) even though I had been so close to the front before. However, luck was on my side.

**I don’t remember which part this was during the concert besides that it was between Woohyun’s solo “Beautiful” (when I got pulled out) and “Man In Love” (when I was told to go to the back-ish).

Sungjong happened to come over to the left side and step onto the speakers. He stood there glancing around at the fans below and then saw me, 3 freaking feet ABOVE and BEHIND everyone else in that corner. My eyes widened as he just stood there, facing me and waving both hands at me cutely while smiling. (I was later told that there were a bunch of Hoya biased Inspirits in that corner, haha) He then did something else, I forget what since my eyes were just locked with his and I was stupidly starstruck enough to forget to take a picture or film. Was it making little hearts with his hands? Ugh. I will forever hate myself for losing that chance and capturing that precious moment on camera. He blew a giant kiss with both hands and then walked back over to the rest of Infinite on stage (or to do something else, I also forget). My mind was in such a blur. I couldn’t cry of happiness, but inside, I felt all warm and fuzzy. My bias  had noticed insignificant-and-recently-rescued-me, out of all people. My hair was drenched by my sweat and others’ sweat, and my face was stripped of all minimal makeup I had applied back at the hotel. But, I felt happy, besides the regret that I could not shake out of that dumb daze until he walked away. He was there for at least eight seconds. I definitely had time to take at least one shot. Something. Anything. Nope, I failed.

My situation was a weird one. If I were in the pit area below, I would have no idea whether he was looking at me or not. But in this case, I was basically level enough with him for him to stand completely straight and not tilt his head up or bend down. To make sure, I looked behind me and there was no one there. No one around me was my “height” haha. That was what confirmed it for me. Even though I have my regrets, I should be thankful for this memorable event even if I couldn’t get pictures or video out of it. I was noticed and probably forgotten by now, unless the bright Infinite shirt stood out to him.




Why you in the dark, Woohyun. T_T


Not long after that, during “Man In Love,” I heard security talking and looking at me and others who were taking advantage of the steps behind the side barriers next to the pit. A fellow Inspirit next to me tapped my shoulder and told me we had to get down. Then security pointed us to go off to the side and to the back. I could have easily taken my time, ran back, or not even moved that far, but I got more than I dreamed of already so I was very willing to go to the back of the floor area, where there was a lot of open space and it was a much happier place.

I stayed in the back for the rest of the concert, still trying to recover, but actually being able to set all my stuff in front of me without worries of being trampled, squished to death or losing anything else (RIP my pom and glowstick). Infinite seemed very tiny though– far away– as if the short amount of time I had spent in that death mosh pit were merely a dream. I talked to a girl back there who freaked out when I told her I had bumped into Woohyun, agreeing with me that it was worth it though, haha.


The speeches went by in a blur for me, as well as Dongwoo and his birthday tidbit. With… made me tear up a little, seeing all the fans around and above me waving banners and lightsticks, some singing along. And before I knew it, the concert ended. I then realized that I was nowhere near any of my friends but got all my stuff together and booked it out of there before the masses started filing through. Crossing the street, I waited in front of Dunkin Donuts, the place where we had all agreed to meet if we lost each other during the concert. I stood out there against the building for a bit.

My friends came out together (wow, they all found each other at the end but I was the one failure OTL) and I saw them, waving to get their attention. A few of them had picked up or had streamers or confetti stuck all over. One said she caught a paper airplane with someone’s signature. A couple of us tried to decipher it and in the end, figured it would be either Sungyeol or Sungjong’s signature.

We all took the transit back to NJ and split to taxi or airport rail + hotel shuttle, still on a concert high but immensely tired.

Looking online, my friend figured out the signature she got was Sungjong’s. She gave it to me and I promised I would frame it.

I framed it. It looks so pretty.
I framed it. It looks so pretty.

End. Unless you want to hear about my short time in Korea Town the next day.

*Please do not take watermarks off or alter, and if you use any pictures, credit me. Thank you.


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