If someone really wanted to know…XD

10 Random facts about me:

1. I am an ABC 😀 (and I lack greatly in the language T.T)

2. I hate math and science…but I adore english and music^^

3. Sophomore in college (whoot.) and major is Journalism!

4. I have this undeniably huge obsession with asian music…but I don’t fangirl. 😉 *is probably in denial*

5. I love all things kawaii *^o^*

6. Favorite food: dolsot bibimbap is probably the best thing I’ve ever tasted lol…for Korean food anyway. Love Chinese food…especially what my mom makes…which I miss. ðŸ˜Ķ Italian is also awesome~

7. Love the piano (11~12 years of lessons) …played flute 5th grade, middle and high school. Violin was a fail after 2 years haha.

8. Candy-holic. Can’t stop eating candy. (I know, bad for me)

9. I am really bad with spending money lol.

10. My eyes are this light brown that other asians think is weird >.>

*BONUS FACT: I can be a total “drama princess”, or a quiet observer in the background. What can I say, I’m unpredictable and random >:3 huhuhu~

~Thank ye 🙂


9 thoughts on “If someone really wanted to know…XD

  1. Hey, you’re eyes are AWESOME O.O anyhow, MAJOR IN MUSIC and pleaaase!!! Don’t drop your flute (figuratively speaking) sniffs, so we can play when we do TnT-1!

  2. ahahaha “I don’t fangirl” PSSSHHHHHHHHH yea right.
    I think your eyes are pretty beast. I like the shock effect they have on people.
    I went to Surabaya and ate at 3 different Korean families’ houses, over the course of two days, haha. Good times, amazing food x__x

    P.S. Cookies for you if you get the reference above 😉

  3. i think you should post your 1000000 requirements for a guy here.
    that way you can find yourself a husband at the same time as you blog about college life
    kill two birds with one stone
    or is it use two stones to smash a bird to death
    . . .

  4. finally getting around to doing this [:
    supporting the bro

    it seems like you’re doing like a kpop news blog x]
    goodness woman we have allkpop ! 🙂

    gahhh everytime i click on a link and the page loads, the music liike mixes in with the music i have playing on itunes haha

    didnt know you EVER played violin 😛

    1. I am PROMOTING kpop, not notifying as a source as much 😛 and of course I have my own little inputs too XD
      It just so happened there were more news than necessary that I wanted to spotlight for today lol.
      Yeah, Se7en loves you too 😉
      Yep. I did. But barely anyone knew that.

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