Infinite OGS Concert in NYC Part 3: Sorry Woohyun and Hi Sungjong!


Following the angry moshpit of madness…

Who did I bump into? None other than Woohyun, who was making his way back to the stage after his solo. I only remember standing up shakily and trying to steady myself, looking at the masses of fans and then to the side where I was supposed to head over to. I didn’t even have the strength to appreciate or be surprised that HE was right there. Honestly, I could have jumped him if I were a sasaeng fan (and then get tackled and thrown out by security). But of course, I just tried to make my way out as smoothly as possible, since I was a sweaty mess anyway. Nope, strayed from my path and shoulder-bumped into him and have been sorry since. MOVING ON. Continue reading


Infinite OGS Concert in NYC Part 2: Redemption from the Moshpit of Hell

Like for so many others who attended Infinite‘s One Great Step tour concert in New York on November 16th, the overall atmosphere of the front part of the pit was horrendous. I was upset for all the fans who had to be rescued by security, upset for how some were behaving, and upset for how Infinite was clearly affected by seeing their precious Inspirits being hurt. Below is the first third of my experience inside after the long wait in line. Continue reading

Infinite OGS Concert in NYC Part 1: The Insanely Long Wait in Line

This is how far I originally was from the front of the venue. Taken between 1 and 2 a.m.
This is how far I originally was from the front of the venue. Taken between 1 and 2 a.m.

Continuing from my beautiful prologue about ticket troubles, I’m going to talk about my experience in the line outside the venue of the Infinite One Great Step concert in New York. I am convinced I missed all the big drama that happened towards the beginning, but it didn’t get any better from there. Continue reading

Infinite OGS Concert in NYC Prologue: The Wrong Ticket

Behold, the troublesome ticket

I don’t even know where to start, and I am still recovering from body aches as I write this up, but I feel that the longer I wait, the more I will forget about the whole event. So I have decided to start from the ticket part of the “journey.” Behold, my story of the Infinite One Great Step tour concert in New York City as a college Journalism student in Kentucky. Warning: This might get a little lengthy and will be split into parts but it’s most definitely interesting and worth the read (???), I promise! Continue reading

Hong Kong, Junior year… and a renewal for the love of KPop

Hey. It’s been a while. In fact, I do so much writing in classes I could have totally written a novel by now. Er, full of lots of topics involving media related Supreme Court cases, Appalachian book reviews, poetry and literature analyses and what not. Like anyone would want to read what I have to say about those topics besides my professors, psssh. (I’m kidding. o.o) Oh, and I actually have to READ my textbooks this semester, le gasp. Though half of them are not actually textbooks; they’re novels. And great, just remembered I have a 15 page paper due in about a month and a half… Continue reading

“They must be from China”: What I get for being completely oblivious during a dim sum breakfast

A friend wanted me to write out this story in a blog post, so I am granting her request and doing so. (love you, Cindy!!) Going back to another semester of uni soon, boooo. But at least my classes are getting more exciting-sounding… Anyway, back to the purpose of this.

** I don’t mean to be offensive in any way in this re-telling of what happened.

Sooo, went to a restaurant in Atlanta (btw H MART= EPIC WIN SUPERMARKET~!) and ate there for a dinner, then dim sum the next morning before heading home. We entered the Chinese restaurant on the day of our departure at 10 a.m. Continue reading

Top 5 Adorably Cute Japanese Male Celebrities

Hey, it’s been a while! In fact… a really long while. Let’s just say I am a  girl who has a ton more responsibilities now than when I first started this personal blog last year, writing-wise. Not to worry, I haven’t lost my touch for blogging. In fact, I have been blogging like crazy, but through another  site, a more popular one than this measly one, haha. Okay, with this more-or-less awesome explanation out of the way (more to come, maybe)… let’s get on to the main reason for this post. Continue reading

Was bored and decided to record something…X]

It’s already the beginning of 2011! *gasp* so much time has passed but in such a short time. (ironic) Yes, it is my last full week of winter break (first time having such a long one :0) Yesterday, I woke up and felt like playing the piano just because I felt like it. THEN. I decided to test the quality of my Christmas gift’s recording utility (ipod touches are getting SO popular it’s not even funny) I pulled out sheet music from the OST of the all-popular and BEST (in my opinion) Korean movie: “A Millionaire’s First Love” and started playing. I have no special editing programs, so the recording was mediocre. But it didn’t produce an all too bad of a sound quality. :/ After everything was done that could be done, I posted the recorded piece on youtube. Continue reading

❈ Yaaaay it’s December 1st! ❈

OMG…it’s the last day of the last month of the year 2010. *treasures it*

Soooo….I woke up this morning when my roommate told me it was SNOWING outside aaaah!!! It stopped and started and stopped and started after I got back to the dorm room from my first class though…poooo =.=. I wish it were more consistent. So freakin pretty lolol. But, the famously strong wind over here on campus that never seems to cease was getting on my nerves….made me colder than necessary. RWAR. Continue reading