Infinite OGS Concert in NYC Part 2: Redemption from the Moshpit of Hell

Like for so many others who attended Infinite‘s One Great Step tour concert in New York on November 16th, the overall atmosphere of the front part of the pit was horrendous. I was upset for all the fans who had to be rescued by security, upset for how some were behaving, and upset for how Infinite was clearly affected by seeing their precious Inspirits being hurt. Below is the first third of my experience inside after the long wait in line. Continue reading


Infinite OGS Concert in NYC Part 1: The Insanely Long Wait in Line

This is how far I originally was from the front of the venue. Taken between 1 and 2 a.m.
This is how far I originally was from the front of the venue. Taken between 1 and 2 a.m.

Continuing from my beautiful prologue about ticket troubles, I’m going to talk about my experience in the line outside the venue of the Infinite One Great Step concert in New York. I am convinced I missed all the big drama that happened towards the beginning, but it didn’t get any better from there. Continue reading

Infinite OGS Concert in NYC Prologue: The Wrong Ticket

Behold, the troublesome ticket

I don’t even know where to start, and I am still recovering from body aches as I write this up, but I feel that the longer I wait, the more I will forget about the whole event. So I have decided to start from the ticket part of the “journey.” Behold, my story of the Infinite One Great Step tour concert in New York City as a college Journalism student in Kentucky. Warning: This might get a little lengthy and will be split into parts but it’s most definitely interesting and worth the read (???), I promise! Continue reading


Okay. To let everyone know, nothing bizarre happened today. No guy issues, nada. 😀 But I DO want to address my habit of jay-walking haha. I’ve always been bad with waiting to cross streets…and then, sometimes don’t want to even walk over to the designated “crosswalk”. Very bad habit, as I’m sure others also possess. One can easily be in danger of getting run over because of jaywalking. Well, I’m not saying that if you do follow to rules you will be completely safe XD. Continue reading

SHINee’s diva, Key..a wanna-be CL :]

Haha I love it when kpop groups imitate each other, whether if it’s just normal joking around behind the scenes or on stage, reenacting  certain songs in a playful hilarious way. In this particular video, Key imitates CL in one of 2Ne1’s newest songs, “Go Away” while it’s airing on the radio. Minho, next to him, is just grooving along…with his head XD, adding a few smirks. Continue reading

♫ B2ST on music bank ♫

I especially love the unique stagings and moves of kpop groups….B2ST’s today was most impressive :D.

Video credits go to UnknownCarrot160


~~ I loved the parts when they say “breath” and their bodies jerk accordingly as if they were taking a huge quick breaths lol. Yoseob’s solo=♥ xs infinity ^o^~


~~Each of them got to showcase their dance moves individually, one at a time during this “intro”, which I thought was clever of them :). And then…they all lined up at the front of the stage…hahahahaha. XD~~~

The lighting, the props, their outfits, makeup, hair, all contributed greatly to their performance…but the most important is them and their talents! So B2ST! *ps there’s going to be a PART TWO for their album “mastermind”!!!!*

Hello Repackage~SHINee :D

Video credits go to jenningyo

All 5 of them showing such brotherly love towards each other lol~

SHINee is doing quite well at promotions, don’t you think?

1. Hello

2. Get It

3.하나 (One)

~~~~~~~MY FEEDBACK~~~~~~~

1. A rather catchy song. A bit repetitive? The echos. XD  “Helloooo” Reminds me of “old school SHINee” ^o^

2. I’m definitely NOT the biggest fan of Asian rapping…>.< And I don’t really like SHINee’s style when they do….:/ But hey, each person is entilted to their own opinion. If you like it, good for you.

3. Ah…the ballad of the album. Rather soothing 🙂 I’m not really fan of snapping…but I can live with it.

Overall, I think these three tracks (each could be considered a different genre, actually) compliment each other well for the repackage album. They are working hard! ^o^