I’m a slackerrrrr…mianhae! >.<;

Okay, so I’ve gotten some “complaints” from various people about me not posting on this blog for some time >:]. So, as promised, I am once again, “updating” (didn’t know so many people wanted to know about my average boring life kekeke). Sorry! Forgive me and my fail to update for so long! Let’s talk about this past Tuesday’s weather! ๐Ÿ˜€ Continue reading



Okay. To let everyone know, nothing bizarre happened today. No guy issues, nada. ๐Ÿ˜€ But I DO want to address my habit of jay-walking haha. I’ve always been bad with waiting to cross streets…and then, sometimes don’t want to even walk over to the designated “crosswalk”. Very bad habit, as I’m sure others also possess. One can easily be in danger of getting run over because of jaywalking. Well, I’m not saying that if you do follow to rules you will be completely safe XD. Continue reading

“R you a boy or girl?” (yes, I’ve been asked that MANY times…not in person though) ;)

Soooo….there has been many a time when people online would either assume I was a guy, or not know which gender I am, despite obvious clues I give (of course I would NOT simply greet people online by saying: “Hey everybody!!! I’m a GIRL! :D” I don’t blame them for having trouble figuring it out…isn’t that a popular case anyway on the web in general? :] I find it funny though, as I HAVE posed as a guy in the internet world…ON PURPOSE. :O “*GASP* Isn’t that LYING?” Well, when you are on role-playing sites….aren’t you playing someone else anyway? Under a fake name…sometimes with magical abilities and what not. You make up the character. It’s part of the creativity. Also, it’s best if “strangers” knew less about the real you, because you never know what could happen *nodnod*.

Okay, to make this a little more personal for me, take neopets.com as an example. Yes, I once was addicted to that site…many years ago….XD. Well, I made an account posing as a guy (for fun), and ran into a few troubles along the way…especiallyย  in the forums >.< There was this girl “hitting on me” in a roleplay thread and I seriously didn’t know what to do…so I had my sister log herself in and intervene. (Actually, I think I was in Hong Kong at that time…o.o and she didn’t go with me.) The girl then practically yelled at her “You ruined the moment!” I dont exactly remember what happened after that, but it was not a pretty sight haha. My apologies for that girl. (unless she was a boy posing as a girl….but who would want to do that?!?) My sister saved me. I am eternally grateful for that kind deed lol~ But yes, after that incident, I was more wary in the neopets forums. To make myself clear, that was totally an UNINTENTIONAL incidence. FYI, if you are getting any twisted ideas about me, rest assured, I am completely straight. (lol) I unknowingly set myself up for that…and I regret it muchly. Eventually, I lost all interest in neopets and never signed back in haha.

A more iffy situation is my deviantart account. I didn’t specify my gender, firstly. I went under the alias Rikuto, my favorite Japanese name at the time. Thus, other da members would sometimes just “assume” I was a guy. The pictures I drew and posted, however, proved otherwise. Some of those submissions were SO cutesy to the point that people should’ve definitely known that I am aย  girl. *shrug* But then again, guys can draw cute things too…just many of them would rather not haha~

Overall, I say I’ve had an interesting experience, somewhat, being in the other gender’s shoes. I can’t say it was a good one, but it was a learning experience I will never forget. Since then , I’ve not made any other male charries for myself on any other sites. Go me!

2 year old ID...yuuup. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you can’t make out the words and want to be able to read them…CLICK ON THE PICTURE ๐Ÿ˜€

(btw, the quote in the title was actually said by someone…this morning! *gloom*)

Wut the heck, you dyed your hair??! You can barely tell the difference! :P

So, from a previous post, it has been made known I’ve recently dyed my hair. To honor a request from some people, I will post a picture of it. The problem during the process was… whenever I tried to get a good picture, the color displayed in the outcome didn’t look exactly like the color my hair really is. My hair IS brown, even if it’s considered to be between brown and dark brown.With a hint of redness. :] It is definitely NOT black. If the picture makes you think otherwise, I’m sorry. I was too lazy to go outside and snap a photo…(and feared the possibility of being called a camwhore lol XD) One can only really tell the true color difference if they actually looked at it in person, and most definitely NOT in the dark haha. ๐Ÿ˜€

Brown Hair ^^
Um...yeah, it should look lighter...*nodnod*

There ya go. Don’t mind the onigiri… ๐Ÿ˜‰

4th post from Xanga….and the LAST one :D

Sunday, 26 September 2010

“OMG you dyed your hair?!??!” :O

I’ve heard from various people various opinions on dyeing hair. Some say it’s best to keep the hair natural and that the chemicals in dyes damage the hair (dry, coarse, falls out…etc). Some say its cool, fashionable and that it doesn’t matter cause your hair cells are dead anyway. There are also other opinions and reasons for them…of course :D. I second the first view, but did exactly the opposite last week (haha, REBEL… no not really ^o^). For asians particularly, it is really hard to dye hair without bleaching it first…we have such dark hair….which is why it would be smartest to go get it done professionally but I wanted to experience trying it myself :P). BUT! I read from various online sources that it is the bleach that probably does the most damage out of the whole dyeing process. Keeping that tidbit in mind, I went to the drugstore and bought a Garnier Nutrisse box of brown hair dye. Now that I think of it, it was golden brown. o0 I didn’t purchase bleach (yay me haha but then the color wont hold in as strongly T.T) I brought it back to my dorm room, read the instructions, did the whole “allergy test thing”, (no, I DID NOT wait 48 hours like I was supposed to…>.< but my skin is super sensitive, so it would break out if something irritated it…which the dye didn’t :]… anyway don’t be like me! follow the instructions if you ever plan to dye your own hair!)

The kit in the box consisted of the moisturizer, the dye itself, avocado oil extract thingie??? (i forget what it’s called) & instructions (duuuh). I think that’s all. :/ I’m not going to describe the mixing and applying process…cause this is NOT a DYI (do it yourself) tutorial XD. Sooooo…I left the dye in for 30 minutes (did not use all of the dye….left some for second round), washed it out, blow-dried my hair (saw a little difference but not much at all), then applied the rest of the dye all over my head again. I think I concentrated too much on the roots of my head….got a little too obsessed with the instructions (said something about starting at the darkest points of your head). After the second round of 30 minutes waiting, I washed out the dye…blow-dried my hair again, and then found out the top half of my head was a red/gold/brown colorish? The rest of it was a dark brown to the point that I couldn’t tell it was dyed, but yep, it was lighter than my black hair was *nodnod*. Kinda freaking out, I called my mom and then——fast forward to the weekend——went to my mom’s Korean hairdresser (Koreans are awesome ppl :D!) and evened the color out. One thing that is VERY important to know: Once you dye your hair, you can only go darker in shade in re-dying it. You cannot go lighter. The chemicals already in your hair from the previous attempt are already in the strands. If you apply more dye to it (even if its a lighter color), it’ll only make it even darker than it already/no difference, blah blah blah. It makes complete logical sense. *_* So….the top part of my head was dyed darker to match the rest of my hair. One who knows me can definitely tell my hair is dyed, if he/she actually pays attention to my head for more than a couple seconds…Dunno about anyone else haha. According to some people, it looks brownish-reddish. I can explain the red. Asian hair pigments have red in them ๐Ÿ˜€ believe it or not (info passed on to me by the lady who fixed my hair). Unless you use ash colored tones of dye (or something like that) you will give off a reddish shine? <—asians~

Life Lesson: I learned that I cannot apply dye evenly for my life X] and to go to the salon the next time….IF there even is one…to get it dyed the color I want. There’s always risks, of course, but getting it done professionally lowers it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ There ya go, my first hair-dyeing experience. It’s not the worst hair story ever…hahah (which is a good thing!)

Comments? Questions? ^o^ If any basic info was wrong, forgive me, I am no hair expert lol. Just telling my FIRST experience.