“Advertising”….fashion clothing line: MARC JACOBS :D

FYI its the GREEN thing I’m wearing below that was designed and produced by the Marc Jacobs company 😉

I think this looks better on me than the other...big....shirt. haha.

Ok, so how many people have actually heard of this company? I didn’t until my aunt over in Hong Kong started buying me their clothes two summers ago. Apparently they are NOT the cheapest retailer ever…and I had no idea it existed in the U.S. until a friend told me…haha. And then I found out Marc Jacobs is an AMERICAN fashion designer X.x. I AM AN EPIC FAIL. I thought it was an European brand!!!! T.T I need to brush up on my knowledge on U.S. subjects rather than chasing after the latest news for a country thats waaaaay over on the other side of the world from me (aka South Korea entertainment industry).
Being said, heres their official website if you want to see what kinds of clothes they design…I actually like the ones they don’t promote as “runway” fashions more…like my sleeveless blazer…I think that’s what I’ll call it, unless someone has a better name…? http://www.marcjacobs.com/
There’s my little fashion spew for the day lol 😀