I heard (and saw) former U.S. Prez Bill Clinton and other important political KY ppls that I should have knowledge of speak at UK^^;


Two in one shot! 😉

I went to the speech rally thingie (whatever you want to call it) today for Jack Conway, Democrat candidate for  U.S. Senate this fall election, at my university (University of Kentucky). The whole thing started about 15 minutes late haha. The student body vice-president gave the welcome and introduction.  Then, some important candidates and KY reps talked (I dont know any of their names >.<) I took a picture of each of them as best a s possible. I got a Conway sticker and sign for my sister’s govt. project kekeke! (when is her project due?) I was considered lucky, because I was standing fairly close to the front of the crowd, about 6 or 7 heads behind where the speakers spoke on the podium. Continue reading