Why am I so abnormal??!?! >.<;

I’m talking about appearance here, smart one, NOT my character/mentality lol. XD Some of these things even my friends don’t know haha….let’s see who reads this mwahahaa….>:)

1. My eyes are this abnormal light-brown that I have yet to see (natural) of another Asian. Continue reading


What is university life DOING TO ME!?!!?!? X.x

Okay, so recently I’ve had these huge random food cravings….and they ARE. NOT. STOPPING. >.<; I could cry right now. Maybe it’s the stress from school, or lack of…other things such as sleep? I find that I cannot “drift off into dreamland” before 12:00 pm on any given night of the week. That is sad! I used to be able to… in high school. What is college doing to me!??!?!!?!? X.x My habits are all going out of whack. Continue reading

“Why hel-LO there…hello there…” *looks me up and down*

Yesterday I was walking out of the dorm premises onto the sidewalk to math class when these random guys called out to me from rolled down windows of their car. … during a RED LIGHT. (don’t remember what color, but it was a small car…) “Why heLLO there…heLLO.” Then they whistled…Horrified, I got really self-conscious and annoyed and stated to walk faster…much faster. (On a regular basis, I walk pretty fast anyway…so I guess I was officially speed-walking *nodnod*) I could hear their voices, “Oh, hey baby, don’t be like that! Come back over here. We want to talk to you!” and other trash like that. I do NOT want to know what was going on in their heads. That made me boiling mad and I had to refrain myself from marching back up there and punching them in the faces. Guys, most random girls you see do NOT like to be treated that way. It’s embarrassing, belittling, and just down-right insulting to us, especially if we don’t know you. If it’s a joke and you’re friends with the girl, as long as they know you’re joking, it’s okay. But, in cases like mine, NONONONO. >:O Okay, that’s all for my rant. ^^~

Random picture...Harajuku Lovers folder...from Target haha ^^

Sorry for the random pic, I couldn’t think of anything else ^^;

“R you a boy or girl?” (yes, I’ve been asked that MANY times…not in person though) ;)

Soooo….there has been many a time when people online would either assume I was a guy, or not know which gender I am, despite obvious clues I give (of course I would NOT simply greet people online by saying: “Hey everybody!!! I’m a GIRL! :D” I don’t blame them for having trouble figuring it out…isn’t that a popular case anyway on the web in general? :] I find it funny though, as I HAVE posed as a guy in the internet world…ON PURPOSE. :O “*GASP* Isn’t that LYING?” Well, when you are on role-playing sites….aren’t you playing someone else anyway? Under a fake name…sometimes with magical abilities and what not. You make up the character. It’s part of the creativity. Also, it’s best if “strangers” knew less about the real you, because you never know what could happen *nodnod*.

Okay, to make this a little more personal for me, take neopets.com as an example. Yes, I once was addicted to that site…many years ago….XD. Well, I made an account posing as a guy (for fun), and ran into a few troubles along the way…especially  in the forums >.< There was this girl “hitting on me” in a roleplay thread and I seriously didn’t know what to do…so I had my sister log herself in and intervene. (Actually, I think I was in Hong Kong at that time…o.o and she didn’t go with me.) The girl then practically yelled at her “You ruined the moment!” I dont exactly remember what happened after that, but it was not a pretty sight haha. My apologies for that girl. (unless she was a boy posing as a girl….but who would want to do that?!?) My sister saved me. I am eternally grateful for that kind deed lol~ But yes, after that incident, I was more wary in the neopets forums. To make myself clear, that was totally an UNINTENTIONAL incidence. FYI, if you are getting any twisted ideas about me, rest assured, I am completely straight. (lol) I unknowingly set myself up for that…and I regret it muchly. Eventually, I lost all interest in neopets and never signed back in haha.

A more iffy situation is my deviantart account. I didn’t specify my gender, firstly. I went under the alias Rikuto, my favorite Japanese name at the time. Thus, other da members would sometimes just “assume” I was a guy. The pictures I drew and posted, however, proved otherwise. Some of those submissions were SO cutesy to the point that people should’ve definitely known that I am a  girl. *shrug* But then again, guys can draw cute things too…just many of them would rather not haha~

Overall, I say I’ve had an interesting experience, somewhat, being in the other gender’s shoes. I can’t say it was a good one, but it was a learning experience I will never forget. Since then , I’ve not made any other male charries for myself on any other sites. Go me!

2 year old ID...yuuup. 🙂

If you can’t make out the words and want to be able to read them…CLICK ON THE PICTURE 😀

(btw, the quote in the title was actually said by someone…this morning! *gloom*)

Oreosssss…. *om nom nom*

Soooo…what EXACTLY have I done today? Let’s see, I rolled out of bed at 8:30ish… (i am LOVING being able to get up this late kekeke) Checked my blog stats (haha…yes, it has become my new best friend XD) and then checked facebook (my second best friend) and then went off to American Govt. class. Then I came back to the dorm with carry-out from the cafe downstairs and started eating. :3 I went on deviantart.com (art-related website) *legasp* and actually started doing STUFF on there, scrolling down the most recent drawing posts and commenting on random ones I find interesting. I was “inactive” for the longest of time. BUT! My incentive? DUH! Promoting my blog of course! 😛 Looking at other peoples’ artwork has also helped me pass my day. Later, I have Chinese class… and then I get to spend the rest of the day with my face stuck to the netbook screen mwahaah. I just finished eating half a roll of oreo cookies…with skim milk ^o^ *aaah heaven lol* I find myself just eating in general at the most random point of the day…but I don’t eat in class :/. My stomach hurts now. I think I ate a little too much X.x I really need to watch out for the freshie 15 now. Nuuuuuuuuuu~

“]oreo cookies
You know you want some....!

~My Dream Guy~ lolz XD 20 Requirements!

Ok, so this actually started as a facebook joke…but then I was asked to post my 20 expectations for a guy on my blog…so…here goes:

(Please do not take offense to any of these! I’m not meaning to bash!)

1.Christian and active in the ministry
2. Asian: chinese, jap, or korean (not those buff manly ones, but not those girly ones that ppl cant tell if they’re a guy or girl o0)…
3.Has to be sensitive to others feelings.
4. musically talented, can sing in tune (it bothers me when ppl cant >.<).
5. mergh…has a nice smile 🙂
6. doesnt completely fail at sports like i do
7. someone that can somewhat counter my character but not crash and collide? :3 (i …dunno where im going with this one…)
8. responsible and not lazy (unlike me pwhahaah) but not 100% serious
9. has to be at least my age or up to 3 years older… this one is very bias/selfish…i apologize beforehand >.<
10. can NEVER get his head shaved :O i dun like it when guys do that
11. clean-shaven :3 dun like mustaches and such.
12. has to be able to understand my obsession with kawaii things and not be annoyed with it kekeke
13. no drugs, no alcohol >:P duuh.
14. kind friendly reminders for me to get things done if i get lazy XD
15. sense of humor. but not the kind that NO ONE laughs at/crude..etc.
16. the eyes. very important. i love eyes. ♥
17. not a fattie/junkie/obese. (of course, its not too much of a problem with asians…)
18. love for music in general~
19. not clingy and not over-protective.
20. flexible (i dont mean physically XD)

~~~~~~~There. I would say some of these are more for comical relief…but still! lol Btw, there probably are more I could come up with, but I’m much too lazy to do that…plus, I still have several years :D~~~~~~~~~

Bear with ring
That's my favorite ring on top of Pippin's head (yes his name is Pippin :D)