Next semester…Linguistics?…or that new Chinese course they’re launching for the “ABC”s? XD

Before the beginning of Chinese 101 class today, Zhang laoshi said, “Oh, Jessica, I need to talk to you.” At the same time, she was passing back out the exams from yesterday (btw I got a 97% because I felt rushed for time and made a few errors as a consequence >.<). Apparently I gave her a “deer in the headlights” look, because she quickly added, “Oh, its nothing bad!” Then we went to the front of the room and she told me of this new course specifically designed for Chinese students who can speak/understand Mandarin but cannot write/read…and then she asked me if I wanted to sign up for that course. I had to think for a moment. Beforehand, I had already decided that I wanted to take 2 semesters of linguistics for my bachelor of arts instead of 4 years of foreign language because it would most likely be beneficial for my major. BUT! Then I thought that knowing Chinese would also be a good skill to have…since I’ll be COMMUNICATING with people….and knowing another language…especially a popular one besides Spanish, would benefit me. I told Zhang laoshi I’d think about it.  Sooo…that being said, I really would like some suggestions/advice about which course I should take next semester… :/ and no, both is NOT a solution lol~

New Practical Chinese Reader Textbook
Yeah, this is our textbook... :3

7 thoughts on “Next semester…Linguistics?…or that new Chinese course they’re launching for the “ABC”s? XD

  1. I’d sign up for the new Mandarin course… I’d want to be able to type Chinese charries though. That would be best for me personally. It’s up to you, though. I can read one Chinese charrie on your textbook btw… Běn… That’s like Ri Běn… japan. 🙂

  2. I would sign up for mandarin course toooooo~
    seriously, lah
    i mean, i still can’t write (like, pencil to paper)
    i can read, and i can type (because i can read what i’m typing)
    it’s an abc thing, really

    seriously, jessica, this gives you so much more opportunities to reach out to people. chinese and english are the two most spoken languages in the world
    so, yes, i suggest the mandarin course
    granted, you don’t have to be good enough to write dissertations on it or anything
    but knowing chinese is a nice skill to have~~~

    shelley’s more skilled than me
    i can only understand 新, 用 and 本
    the rest is lost to me
    traditional chinese . . . ><

    later in life, you’ll be thinking, gee, I made the listened to people on my blog, and now I can speak, understand, read, and write chinese. 😀

  4. DEFINITELY Chinese. For all of the above reasons and because you are Chinese, so you should know Chinese. Esp if you plan to live in Asia at some point in the future. Not only is it useful, it is embarrassing to be Chinese yet bad at Chinese.

  5. It’s too bad you can’t take both. I would go with Chinese though. It would not only help you major (trust me, it’ll help), but it’s also a good language to know. You’ll use it in your life too.

  6. I guess as a ABC you’d want to take Chinese, but as a Journalist, which you want to be right? I think linguistics would be more helpful 😛 unless you want to write articles in Chinese O.o

  7. you should be able to take both o.o you should have plenty of time to take both, even if you don’t take them at the same time. but I think it sounds like a good idea (the Chinese class, I mean), if you’re considering it at all. you don’t want to not take it and then regret it later.

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