Hong Kong, Junior year… and a renewal for the love of KPop

Hey. It’s been a while. In fact, I do so much writing in classes I could have totally written a novel by now. Er, full of lots of topics involving media related Supreme Court cases, Appalachian book reviews, poetry and literature analyses and what not. Like anyone would want to read what I have to say about those topics besides my professors, psssh. (I’m kidding. o.o) Oh, and I actually have to READ my textbooks this semester, le gasp. Though half of them are not actually textbooks; they’re novels. And great, just remembered I have a 15 page paper due in about a month and a half… Continue reading


❈ Yaaaay it’s December 1st! ❈

OMG…it’s the last day of the last month of the year 2010. *treasures it*

Soooo….I woke up this morning when my roommate told me it was SNOWING outside aaaah!!! It stopped and started and stopped and started after I got back to the dorm room from my first class though…poooo =.=. I wish it were more consistent. So freakin pretty lolol. But, the famously strong wind over here on campus that never seems to cease was getting on my nerves….made me colder than necessary. RWAR. Continue reading

I’m a slackerrrrr…mianhae! >.<;

Okay, so I’ve gotten some “complaints” from various people about me not posting on this blog for some time >:]. So, as promised, I am once again, “updating” (didn’t know so many people wanted to know about my average boring life kekeke). Sorry! Forgive me and my fail to update for so long! Let’s talk about this past Tuesday’s weather! 😀 Continue reading

I heard (and saw) former U.S. Prez Bill Clinton and other important political KY ppls that I should have knowledge of speak at UK^^;


Two in one shot! 😉

I went to the speech rally thingie (whatever you want to call it) today for Jack Conway, Democrat candidate for  U.S. Senate this fall election, at my university (University of Kentucky). The whole thing started about 15 minutes late haha. The student body vice-president gave the welcome and introduction.  Then, some important candidates and KY reps talked (I dont know any of their names >.<) I took a picture of each of them as best a s possible. I got a Conway sticker and sign for my sister’s govt. project kekeke! (when is her project due?) I was considered lucky, because I was standing fairly close to the front of the crowd, about 6 or 7 heads behind where the speakers spoke on the podium. Continue reading

“The ones [KFCs] in China are bigger, and their food is better.” ^^ ~Talking with International students!

Today in one of my classes, we had the honor of having 18 international students come in and talk to us. We all pretty much got paired up one-on- one, but there were more of US than THEM.We all got a sheet of paper with questions on there to ask each other…but we could just talk about random stuff too lol.~

When my class entered the room, (scrambling around for open seats next to the international students) I sat down next to someone I then found out was from Saudi Arabia. Continue reading


Okay. To let everyone know, nothing bizarre happened today. No guy issues, nada. 😀 But I DO want to address my habit of jay-walking haha. I’ve always been bad with waiting to cross streets…and then, sometimes don’t want to even walk over to the designated “crosswalk”. Very bad habit, as I’m sure others also possess. One can easily be in danger of getting run over because of jaywalking. Well, I’m not saying that if you do follow to rules you will be completely safe XD. Continue reading

Hitting on girls for the sake of fundraising= VERY BAAAD idea >:O

OMG I am SO mad I want to punch a hole in the wall!!!! >:OOOO This…was…a.complete.NIGHTMARE.I want to hunt that guy down so bad *grumble grumble*. The following was how it pretty much went…I might have excluded some details…but that’s because I was too enraged afterward and couldn’t recall. 😛

On the way to Chinese class, (this is outside) I heard some male voice saying “Ni hao” over and over again… Continue reading

What is university life DOING TO ME!?!!?!? X.x

Okay, so recently I’ve had these huge random food cravings….and they ARE. NOT. STOPPING. >.<; I could cry right now. Maybe it’s the stress from school, or lack of…other things such as sleep? I find that I cannot “drift off into dreamland” before 12:00 pm on any given night of the week. That is sad! I used to be able to… in high school. What is college doing to me!??!?!!?!? X.x My habits are all going out of whack. Continue reading

So…Why does a democracy need journalism and the First Amendment???

I have been inspired by the Journalism 101 class I’m currently taking. The following essay consists of my own opinions fueled by what I have learned in that class so far. 😀 It is exactly 500 words ughhh….It was hard to shorten what I had originally wanted to say haha. Please don’t fall asleep or give up midway! >.<

To illustrate the essay= my govt. class textbook, journalism textbook, and a notebook with pen 😉

Continue reading